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NE Consultation on Right to Food: 17th November 2015 Durham.

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Myself and some of the women from an organisation in Stockton I do fieldwork with attended an event on the right to food on Tuesday 17th November.

This event was held as part of 4 events around UK, working towards building a ‘food justice’ movement.

Inspired by the UN convention on social, economic and cultural rights which says that the government has a legal obligation to provide food. UK government signed up to this agreement.

There are 2 million malnourished people in the UK, further 3 million at risk.

Does increase in use of Trussell Trust food banks this year indicate impacts of welfare reform increasing need for food bank use? As the ‘crisis period’ lasts even longer, a 3 day food parcel is no longer enough.

‘Household food poverty’ is an important definition used in the Fabian report on food poverty, as it is more than simply filling your belly today, but hints at long-term insecurities and uncertainties, a risk which doesn’t quite go away.

Fabian Commission on food and poverty:

Open access resource to transforming food networks:

Beyond the foodbank, report on London boroughs:…/london_food_poverty_profile_20…/

Where does the ‘right to food’ and ‘right to income’ overlap in terms of austerity and welfare reform?

Thoughts from the day will go towards compiling a campaign around a food justice network in the UK.



Author: Amy Greer Murphy

Think North

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