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Tomorrow, Dublin: The 4th March for Choice (Repeal the 8th Amendment of the Constitution)

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Tomorrow is the 4th annual march for choice in Dublin. I’m beyond gutted I can’t be there.

If an Irish woman travels to the UK for a termination, at a Marie Stopes clinic she will have to pay anywhere from €420-€1550 for something which should be safely and freely provided as the basic medical service it is. If she is a migrant from a non-EU state, she cannot legally obtain a visa to go to the UK, or Netherlands, to obtain this service.

I am a believer in strong health care provision. I believe even stronger still in the absolute necessity of a woman’s reproductive sovereignty.

It is particularly in recent living memory, in this Catholic and conservative Republic we now exist within, that a woman’s right to choose is not afforded to her. This is a huge challenge to women’s economic and bodily sovereignty, to gender equality in the state, and to the democratic values the Republic claims to stand for.

In light of recent positive changes to marriage equality legislation, I hope the same positive change is coming for the women of Ireland very soon. In the meantime, services like the Abortion Support Network are doing outstanding work in reaching women who need this service and support.

Beidh amárach a bheith níos fearr ná sin


Author: Amy Greer Murphy

Think North

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