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My first conference: Austerity and Household Finance at Kent

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Two weeks ago I attended a conference hosted by the law school at Kent University to celebrate 50 years of radical feminism at Kent. It was the farthest I’ve ever travelled for a conference (sometimes I forget how massive the UK is!), and my first time presenting at a non-internal conference.

The experience was really encouraging; the plenary speakers were fantastic, the whole atmosphere was very welcoming and positive, and it was fantastic to be in a productive environment with so many anti-austerity researchers, discussing all the areas in civil society where the cuts are having a huge impact; the benefit system, cuts to legal aid, the housing market and the labour market, as well as wider feminist issues such as reproductive and informal care practices and the impact austerity is having on our understanding of these issues.

My presentation went very well, I kept it simple and did a basic summation of my PhD to date and how the concept of austerity and household finance is relevant to it. I got some great, insightful questions, and left with a lot to think about for the coming months. I didn’t ask anyone to take pictures of my presentation, unfortunately, but here’s a wee picture of a row of pastel-painted houses beside my hotel. 20150617_195726


Author: Amy Greer Murphy

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